Why I am running

I want to be your voice!

As most of you can see, I am not used to doing this Social Media thing. I have decided to try to write each day from now on.

I am running because the people of SW MN are not being represented well. I have seen too many of the hardships experienced by our people that are not being addressed. Our government is supposed to be working for you and not against you.

It is my desire to provide a voice to those who want our state government to respond to our basic needs as individuals and families. Fear and hate have caused too much anxiety within our area. I want to unite and work together for you.

Please consider my candidacy and help me work toward the goal of serving you. While there are many ways to help, the most effective way is to forward the word person to person. If you know me, let others hear about your experiences with me.

If you do not know me, let me know do we can connect and you can better understand who I am and why I WILL work for you!

Thanks Lynn

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