Regarding the non-debate....

I have been approached by Rep. Hamilton about delaying the PBS debate that is scheduled to air tomorrow night. The demands of the special session where the Republicans are actually going to support the Bonding Bill that has been stonewalled for two years and is reportedly going to be passed. My response to him was that if his work in the legislature interfered with the debate, we could cancel it. I see no benefit in delaying it to even closer to election day. His response to me was that he truly believes that I am a ’nice guy.’ I feel that my willingness to accommodate his desire to put off the debate has been misread by him. It is my obligation to explain to others why I would agree to that. It is important that you know more about my character than that I am a ‘nice guy.’

I was chosen by the US Army to be an infantry squad leader in Viet Nam. This meant that I was responsible for the safety of the men who served in my squad as well as the accomplishment of the mission. That was a delicate balance to accomplish in a war zone. My decisions had life or death consequences. No one was killed or seriously wounded under my watch. That took character. That took figuring all factors to get the best results for my men and then the mission. There were times when I had to question the mission presented because there was no tactical objective and it would put my squad’s lives in serious risks. I had to fight to protect my squad. I was a fighter, not only for the enemy, but also for the people who depended on me.

I am still that fighter. People underestimate me because of my mild demeanor. I rarely show extreme anger or attempt to offend others. I am one who works with both sides to find the common ground so a solid solution can be created. But rest assured, that angry, fighting solder is still in me and it is time for him to show his face.

This would be the second time that Rep Hamilton would have delayed our debate. Not everyone knows that we were originally scheduled to debate on September 17th the same night as the Senatorial Candidates for District 22. Conveniently, Rep Hamilton could not make that debate and offered to reschedule for October 29th, five days before the election. As I told PBS, what good would that do for me? Now he is again trying to delay debating me. Why? He says that it is because of the demands of the special session, but that is scheduled to be done with today. The debate is tomorrow.

It would appear that he is avoiding allowing me to make a very public statement about our differences. He is trying to attempt to put it off until it is irrelevant for the election. Is he scared of me? Does he feel that others should not hear what I have to say? Or is he so sure that he is going to win that there is no need to expose himself to the public attention. Many voters have told me that they like rep Hamilton because he is a ‘nice guy’. I agree, I have found him to be very cordial and friendly, but does he represent you?

In the next legislative session, there will be a need to make cuts to the budget in order to meet the Minnesota constitutional demand of no deficit. How will he represent you in making those cuts? Too often in the past the Republicans have taken an axe to programs, mainly ones that serve the poor and needy citizens of our area and eliminated them. We can not afford to let that happen. I want to represent you in preserving as much of the state services as can be done without creating more of a hardship for you. I will fight for you and that is why I need your vote to protect what you need.

Our legislative election is about will Minnesota work to help everyone get a chance to succeed or will we continue to aid large companies make profits at the cost of our people’s labors. In this time of fiery rhetoric, the term “Socialism” is being thrown out to deter people from wanting to help each other. It is the way to build fear. That is not the Minnesotan way. We do care for each other and want to help. If that is Socialism, then we have been there as a state from the beginning. I do not believe this is a bad thing.

Whether we debate or not, I need your vote. We need to stick together and not allow outsiders to influence the vote. My question to you is how has Rep Hamilton’s work in the legislature helped you personally, how often has he talked to you personally about what your needs are and how much do you believe he cares about you as an individual? In this time of political campaigning, it is easy to say all the right things, but the proof is in the actions. Are you better off because of 16 years of being represented by Rep. Hamilton? I will always put your needs first, even if it means some compromising. I will not neglect those people I have come to know through my work and how much they need support from our government to succeed.

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