I am a builder!

As this campaign progresses, I am realizing how much I need to reach out to others to get to know me better since there are very few face-to-face meetings.

As we recently did some texting, one of the major misunderstandings is my name. My mother's 'gift' to me was the name Lynn. Often I am confused as a female but I am not.

I want you to see that I have been a builder for most of my life. I started out building ambulances and grain drying structures and continued building into my professional career.

In the 90's I build 5 different Day Treatment programs, through SW Mental Health Center, that were within schools for middle and high schools for middle and high school students with mental health issues.

I build a group home for troubled youth in Fulda while also at SWMHC.

While at Greater Minnesota Family Services Agency, I was allowed to build a program for children birth through 5 who are experiencing emotional problems. This was eventually developed into the second largest such programs in the state of Minnesota. This experience that includes meeting parents and children in their homes has allowed me to better understand the needs of these families and their children.

I want to build a better economic system for out region. All of our counties have medium incomes well below our state averages. This places tremendous stress on them to make ends meet.

I really want and need your support but more importantly, your vote. I also need your help in getting the word out about who I am and what I stand for.

Thanks, Lynn

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