"Our current national culture has attempted to point out differences between certain aspects of our communities. America was built on diversity and that has been our strength. The dramatic mobile change in our communities has reduced the immediate access to our extended families and currently is assaulting the basic premise of the close-knit family.  We need to stop this trend and work at preserving basic family values."


"My grandparents and great-grandparents came to this country expecting to have a better life and worked hard to create it. Current families only want to do the same. How can we assist these struggling families to provide the necessary home and security?"

Lynn's Proposed Actions 

  • Reduce the ability to ICE to disrupt the family unit and create havoc with the families and children

  • Allow immigrant families to have access to services that will assist them to function independently

  • Encourage the establishment of religious facilities that support the family unit

Dissolving of the Family Unit:

"Our culture has been indoctrinated into the basic concepts of ‘instant’ and ‘throw-away’. Unfortunately, these have become the measurements of meaningful relationships. We must all work toward rediscovering the solidity of the family that gives our young ones the base to move on to succeed and the comfort for all to come home to each night."

Lynn's Proposed Actions

  • Require more interventions before a family can dissolve (divorce)

  • Involve more extended family in helping new families weather their trials

  • Incentives for youth to return after college

  • Continue funding for Planned Parenthood

Economic Opportunities:

"Our current economic recession is hurting all of our families. From the farmers who are losing their markets, are dependent on market manipulation by others and the need to get larger to survive, to the small business owner who is struggling to compete with the large national companies who are threatening their existence, to the paraprofessionals in our educational systems who are there because they care, to the immigrant families struggling in a need to stick together and find solutions for maintaining a livable wage."

Lynn's Proposed Actions

  • Increase the minimal wage to allow the wage earner to support the family on only one job

  • Create incentives for new entrepreneurs that reflect the changes of our rural economy

  • Use supports to help local businesses compete with the Internet

  • Create incentives for business to stay in our local communities

Affordable Health Care:

"The cost of health care has forced many families to have to choose between seeking medical attention and paying for essential services. Many families are forced to move to ‘major medical’ that only covers catastrophic illness or injuries, reducing the benefits of regular physician’s check-ups."

Lynn's Proposed Actions

  • Expand MNsure to include more middle-class families

  • Regulate regional medical care providers to ensure local options stay open

  • Develop better preparedness for future pandemics

  • Regulate insurances to keep deductibles and copays manageable

  • Create incentives to keep doctors living in our rural area

Mental Health Services

"As companies are moving to higher deductibles and co-pays, families are less able to pay for mental health services at a time when it is needed this most. With the changes being presented, the stress of adaption has increased the need for supportive mental health services. With the closing of most State Hospitals for the Severely Mentally Ill, they have gravitated to our corrections system and this has placed huge burdens on law enforcement officers operating in the field."

Lynn's Proposed Actions

  • Make mental health services more available to families when families without conflict with their job

  • Continue the ability for telemedicine within mental health

  • Develop more focus district wide on Early Childhood Mental Health

  • Place mental health services within correctional facilities

  • Assure rural mental health gets same reimbursement rates as other areas

  • Create supportive mental health groups for specific groups affected by the changing culture of our district

  • Create more local supports for chronically mentally ill adults and children to allow them to stay in our communities.

Children's Needs

"It is essential that we focus on how children are being nurtured and supported. They have a right to a safe home environment, nutrition, and adults who understand their specific needs."

Lynn's Proposed Actions

  • Continue affordable health insurance for children

  • Develop public education on trauma effects on children

  • Expand free lunch programs to include a higher percent of poverty

  • Increase domestic violence programs to include child components

  • Require foster and adoptive parents training on Trauma Informed Care

  • Increase Follow Along program up to 5.



"Currently the rural communities are struggling to stay open. We are losing business as large national companies are replacing local demands for goods. We need to focus on those foundations that help to define a community like: Healthcare, Education and Businesses. Losing these often leads to a community’s demise."


"The children are our most precious resources and will someday be our future. We need to invest in them to strengthen their future and help them to be prepared to run our communities."

Early Childhood Education:

"With Minnesota creating the state sponsored Pre-K, it is important to understand the reason for this need. Too much focus has been placed on gaining academic skills without the need to establish emotional and behavioral regulation."

Lynn's Proposed Actions

  • Increase Pre-K to include Birth to 5.

  • Emphasize Social/Emotional Development during this time period

  • Increase Trauma training for Preschool and Day Care personnel

  • Ensure all Early Childhood services are covered under insurance

Primary Education:

"Our educational system no longer focuses on the needs of our children but rather centers on passing educational progress tests. The unattended emotional needs of children increase the likelihood of catastrophic school episodes. Rural schools are struggling to attract and retain highly qualified teachers."

Lynn's Proposed Actions

  • Increase Trauma Informed training for all school personnel

  • Instigate Trauma Informed Interventions for dealing with challenging behaviors

  • Increase school funding to improve updated technology for the students

  • Upgrade paraprofessional positions with increased training and wages

  • Require all in teaching positions to have classroom training before working as teachers

  • Pay competitive salaries to stop migration away from education toward industry

  • Examine alternatives to property taxes as primary source for school funding

Secondary Education:

"Post high school has become essential for survival in our economic world. Some type of advanced education is a requirement in this current economic environment for maintaining a living wage for a family."

Lynn's Proposed Actions

  • Look at free tuition for Vo-Tech schools

  • Free or subsidized tuition at community colleges

  • Increase state grants for higher education with requirement to stay in state

Charter Schools:

"Many have begun to undermine the local school district through privatizing our educational system through charter schools. Vouchers have taken valuable dollars away from struggling school districts."

Lynn's Proposed Actions

  • Make Charter schools not for profit

  • Eliminate voucher system

  • Ensure local involvement in the establishment of Charter schools              



"Farm families are struggling to be able to get a product, get it to market and get a fair price. Focus needs to be on helping the stress presented to these families as they try to survive this pandemic."

Lynn's Proposed Actions

  • Helping farm families handle the stress of the Pandemic and loss of markets

  • Examine farm inheritance to assure farm stays in family

  • Help develop alternative markets for our products

  • Help develop alternative crops that may have a broader market

Small Business

"The Internet and large national companies threaten the existence of our local small businesses. We need to protect our current business owners by helping them examine new consumer demands and our changing economic landscape."

Lynn's Proposed Actions

  • Create opportunities for young entrepreneurs to build start-up businesses

  • Build incentives for local business to compete with internet sales

  • Create incentives for local companies to stay in our district

Technology for the Future

"As we have learned from the last school year, our rural areas need better Internet access. Students could not always finish schoolwork because of lack of internet. Increased broadband is needed to keep up with the demands of our businesses."

Lynn's Proposed Actions

  • Expand Broad Band through our region similarly to REA from the past

  • Provide technology training for local businesses and agriculture

  • Assure that all schools are adequately equipped for advanced technology



"Our society is in turmoil. We have created divisions within all aspects. Distrust and anger seem to have become the new norm. This is not how we created this country and it is not how Minnesotans conduct themselves. We need to keep in touch with our constituents and carry on the civil debate about running our state. This has become even more of an issue with how our law enforcement officers are conducting their services."

Partisan Disagreement:

"We have reached a time in our lives where politicians have decided to act more like children than mature adults charged with the best interests of the people they serve. After walking out of our latest special legislative session, the Republican Senators were further demonstrating an inability for respectful negotiation and or compromise. Our constitution was based on these values. We need to get back to them."

Lynn's Proposed Actions

  • Increase bipartisan discussions away from the floor to work out differences

  • Continue to present our alternatives in respective and open manner

  • Conduct town hall meetings within our district to understand how the population sees the issues

Law Enforcement

"Given the recent developments in Minneapolis, there is a movement to re-examine the way law enforcement officers interact with the public. Too often, the interactions have been power based and intimidating to our citizens. We need to regain public sentiment that Law Enforcement is there to protect and serve. This was especially true with our people of color in the district."

Lynn's Proposed Actions

  • Require more intensive Human Relationship training with all law officers

  • Expand enforcement programs to include professionals to deal with more family and domestic calls

  • Establish community review teams  to aid and assist enforcement programs

  • Limit ICE ability to separate and disrupt families with immigration issues

  • Instigate community dialogues between public and officers to encourage familiarity